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Wildcat Pet Resort is a family-owned business with 11 years of experience in pet boarding and grooming services. We provide pet boarding services at affordable prices. Please fill out our contact form to request a boarding reservation for your pet.

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Boarding agreement         
We take the dogs out to play in groups. If, at any time, your dog causes harm to any of the other         
guests (dogs) or staff, you, the owner, are responsible for any medical bills that may result. You will be         
contacted immediately upon this happening if it is serious enough to require medical attention.         
If you do not wish for your dog to go out with the group, please let us know when you check in and we will         
be happy to accommodate your request.         
Our daily rate is from the time you drop off your pet to 6:30pm the next day. If you need them to stay longer,         
call us immediately so we can accomidate your dog/cat accordingly.         
Payment is expected at the time of check-out. If you need to have someone else to pick up your pet,         
payment arrangements will need to be made with the owner prior to check-in.         
Daycare can be added and paid every Friday, or on the last day your dog will attend daycare for the week.         
Any outstanding balances that exceed 30 days past due will be sent to a collections agent.         
Shot records are expected to be kept up to date and have to be present at the time of check-in. If it is          
found that your pet(s) are not current, we will take them to a vet of our choice and the cost will be added         
to your bill plus a transportation fee of $25.         
If your pet becomes belligerent, and acts in a way that is dangerous to itself or the staff, we reserve the         
right to leave them leashed in their run for safety. If we are not informed ahead of time of this possibility,          
there will be an additional fee of $10 per day for a special handling fee.         

Unaltered Pet Clause         

We understand that spaying or neutering your pet is a personal choice. Since we do take the dogs         
out in groups there is the chance that unaltered pets may become pregnant or impregnate          
another dog while kenneled with us. The staff will do everything they can to prevent this from happening.          
 However, if you decide to leave your pet unaltered WCPR cannot be held responsible if this happens.         
We will, under no circumstances, house any female who is in heat, or has recently come out of heat.         
Intact males are welcome unless/ until they start to show signs of aggression or start to hump the other dogs.         
Once they start to exhibit this behavior, they will need to be neutered before returning.         

Medical Release         
Should any animal in our care become ill or require medical attention, we reserve the right to          
administer first aid. If we determine that a veterinarian is required, we will call and consult with your vet.         
If your vet cannot be reached, or is not open, we will consult with another local vet that is available.          
If it is determined that we need to take your pet to the vet, we will contact you, the owner, before proceeding.         
If you cannot be reached, we ask that you fill out the Medical Release below.         
We will settle any bills with the vet at that time and add the charges to your bill at check out.         

Abandonment Clause         
If it is your intention to leave your pet with us and never return, I must ask that you seriously reconsider. We          
are not licensed as an animal shelter and cannot take pets in this manner. We will not take your pet to the         
shelter for you. We will keep your pet here and you will continue to be charged full price. I will seek whatever         
legal means I can to get payment from you up to and including filing a civil suit.         
If you are honest with me from the beginning, I will be willing to help you find a great new home for your pet.         
You will still need to pay for the time your pet is in our care. I am usually willing to give a discounted rate         
in these cases.         

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